Workplace and Ergonomic Advice

One in fifty of all workers in the UK have an RSI condition. The cost to society is staggering: last year alone, 5.4 million working days were lost to RSI-related sickness absence. Employers bear direct and indirect costs through the loss of trained staff. For employees these costs are counted in terms of pain, loss of quality of life, income and future earnings.

Working at either a computer terminal or in heavy industry can trigger soft tissue disorders particularly in the back, neck, shoulders, arms and hands. RSI is commonly caused by repetition, force and awkward or static posture, however, poor workplace ergonomics and stress can also give rise to these conditions. 

Osteopathy provides effective care for prevention and management of RSI, back pain and other musculoskeletal disorders. At BackInHealth we believe that simple advice and basic alterations to work set-up can often prevent or arrest a number of painful conditions. We can arrange visits to your workplace to give ergonomic assessments and advice on correct posture and workstation set up as well as preventative exercises. 

Visits to your workplace can be arranged to alter your environment and ensure the correct posture whilst sitting at your desk or carrying out your work.