Orthopaedic Range

At BackInHealth, we are able to advise on and provide many products such as orthopaedic pillows and back supports, as well as lifting belts and sport supports etc. 

The correct sleeping position is essential for a good nights sleep and to aid recovery from strain and pain. The pillows that we recommend are anatomically shaped for correct alignment of the spine whether you sleep on your side or back, and dissipates heat for extra comfort.

The Orthopaedia range of chairs has been specifically designed to reduce the risk of back pain. The unique concept of incorporating coil springs in both the seat and back will give maximum support to the body structure by spreading the users weight across the seat and back area.

The human body isn't made to sit still but to move about. We stock back supports that can be used at home, in the office and even in the car, giving full lumbar and lateral support.

Injuries can happen at any time, prevention is the best cure but even after injury a support belt can help a lot. A belt will help to stabilise hips and pelvis as well as effectively supporting the lower spine.