What is Electrotherapy

Electricity has been used to treat pain for over 100 years. Early proponents of electricity were labelled as charlatans, but recent scientific studies have proven that electricity can reduce both acute and chronic pain.

Electrotherapy is the treatment of certain human ailments via the application of electrical currents to the body. 

The fact that electrical currents can effect human physiology is well known. The earliest observations of this date back to the pioneering work of Galvani, Volta, and others, and forms the basis for the field of electro physiology.

Different Types of Therapy

We currently use two different types of Electrotherapy. Ultrasound and Interferential.


Ultrasound is simply high frequency sound waves above the range that we can hear. It is applied to the body from the 'head' of an ultrasound machine. A gel is used to help the waves travel into the body rather than be reflected off the skin.


Increased blood supply which promotes healing, produces a pain killing effect which can reduce muscle spasm, and promote normal function softens fibrous tissues and scar tissue which are formed during healing.

Treatment of

Torn and pulled muscles
- Tennis and Golfers Elbow
- Damaged ligaments
- Inflamed and irritated spinal joints
- Swollen joints and many others...


By sending small electrical impulses through the skin, impulses stimulate the underlying nerves and tissuereducing pain, oedema and inflammation. This, in return, reduces or eliminates the need for most pain-related drugs. 


Interferential Therapy aids in circulation, decreasing the recovery time for patients. This type of treatment will typically speed the patient's recovery and allow earlier resumption of their normal lifestyle.

Treatment of

- Muscle spasms
- Tendonitis
- Frozen Shoulder
- Arthritic pain
- Repetitive Strain Injury and many others...

What to Expect

At BackInHealth we do not believe that patients come to us just to be “plugged into a machine”. We purely use Interferential therapy and Ultrasound to complement our osteopathic techniques. We recognise that electrotherapy is often a very useful addition to our regular osteopathic treatment and where appropriate it is used in addition to soft tissue massage and joint manipulation. 

In some instances these machines cannot be used such as with patients who have pacemakers fitted or who may be pregnant. Naturally we screen patients during our case history taking and examination to ensure suitability to the different forms of treatment we offer.

The Interferential causes a comfortable and some would say “reasonably pleasant” tingling sensation as it relaxes muscles and encourages improved circulation to the affected or painful area.

The Ultrasound causes vibrations beneath the skin which are too fast to be noticeable ... put simply; there is usually no sensation at all. Very occasionally the patient can experience a subtle buzzing and a gentle warming sensation.