17 March 2014

WHY CHOOSE BACKINHEALTH OSTEOPATHS? A common question I am asked when a patient first telephones my clinic is “how long have you been qualified?” Ofcourse, it’s a perfectly valid question and most people would ask it in the assumption that someone like myself who has been in practise nearly 20 years is a ‘better bet’ than a practitioner with less experience. This actually may not be the case…some practitioners who have been in practise a long time could in fact be perceived as being out of touch with more modern practises! So this got me thinking… How should a patient select an osteopath?
Bearing in mind that osteopaths are all registered and insured by law, why should someone pick me or my wife Laura over any of the thousands of other osteopaths in London?  ’PATIENT CHOICE’ are the buzzwords of recent times in medicine and complementary medicine. This essentially means that patients should be able to pick whichever Doctor or in my case Osteopath they choose, and quite rightly so. The difficult question is how does one choose an osteopath? Recommendation from another patient is probably top of the list and certainly length of time in practice is one criteria… BUT what if a patient were to ask me directly “Why should I come to see you or someone in your clinic as opposed to any other osteopath?” Now there is the thing… I can tell people that I am experienced or that I taught osteopaths for 10 years but I can’t very well recommend myself saying “I’m a brilliant osteopath and you should definitely come and see me instead of anyone else.”
In answer to the question why should patients come to see either Laura or myself at Backinhealth Osteopaths? I think the answer to that lies in the way in which we work closely with other medical practitioners. Our fairly unique setting, within Chase Lodge Hospital in NW7, allows us to work in a very multidisciplinary way and treat our patients holistically in the truest sense of the word. Not only do we have years of experience in private practice but for several  years we have worked within Chase Lodge. Here we have the ability to cross refer patients to any physician/practitioner we feel may best serve our patients needs, including GP’s, Dentists, Consultants in most medical specialties, an Acupuncturist and Physiotherapy team. We have access to X-Ray and Ultrasound facilities within the building and can instantly refer patients for in-house diagnostic imaging as well as interventional treatments such as Ultrasound guided Cortisone injections. For the most part, it has to be said that we do not need to send patients to anybody else and can fully resolve our patients conditions within just a few treatments without the need to involve any other treatment modality.
I do genuinely believe that working alongside all these other professionals and the ability to potentially give patients instant access to highly knowledgeable GP’s and top Consultants, all ‘in- house’ is what really sets us apart from the competition.  Call 020 8203 8977 to book.

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