Covid-19 Update from Backinhealth Osteopaths

18 March 2020

Covid-19 Update from Backinhealth Osteopaths 18th March 2020
We hope that all of our patients are managing to stay well under these extraordinary circumstances. 

We would like to reassure you all that as things stand we are continuing to work. We are keeping well up to date with all the latest guidance for healthcare professionals. 
As at 18th March 2020 our statutory bodies agree that osteopaths do fall into the 'essential contact only' category but that ultimately is up to us and you the patient to decide upon on a case by case basis.
We always maintain high standards of hygiene but extra measures are currently in place to ensure we operate in a safe space.

During this unsettled period we are happy to see patients from Chase Lodge or our home based treatment room in Hendon.
Feel free to call us on the usual number 020 8203 8977
Keep well and stay safe,

Laura & Philip Godfrey

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